Display Lag database rates 170 HDTVs based on input lag

Input Lag Database helps you select your next gaming TV

Input Lag is a condition that affects millions* of people – and now there's something we can all do about it. Competitive Street Fighter 4 player Adeel Soomro has compiled a database of 170 HDTVs and monitors that he put through the ringer with Leo Bodnar's Lag Tester, on a site called Display Lag.

Soomro rates the screens by "Excellent," "Great," "Okay" and "Bad," as defined here. All screens are listed by the variable of your choosing – brand, size, resolution, etc. – right here. The lag in question occurs due to additional processing by the display, which can cause a delay between your button presses and the results appearing on-screen. In reflex-focused games, such as fighters, lagging visual information can put players at a disadvantage when they need to react immediately.

"My personal favorite choice so far is the F7100 series from Samsung," Soomro writes. "This HDTV boasts a 40ms input lag rating in our database, meaning it will be responsive for the majority of gamers."

Check out the stats and pick your favorite HDTV or monitor for yourself.

*Dramatic made-up statistic.