Roamer's app-based call forwarding helps you save cash abroad (video)

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Call forwarding when you're abroad isn't the most exciting of tech topics, but it is one that's likely to save you a bundle on the road. Roamer is a new iOS and Android app that forwards your regular number onto a local SIM card, ensuring that you'll pay native rates even when calling your loved ones. The app itself is free from the Android and iOS stores, with roaming credits available to buy in packages of $13, $16, $39 and $65 -- and if you'd like to see it in action before you reach for your phone, there's a video tucked in after the break. Oh, and any Windows Phone and BlackBerry users who are feeling left out, fear not, the company has promised versions for those platforms are coming in the near future.

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Latvia/UK, 5th July 2013 – Are you someone who is getting fed up of the hefty phone bill you receive after travelling abroad?

Enter Roamer, a new iOS and Android app designed to bring to end to steep call roaming charges globally. Available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play, Roamer is an app that saves users up to 90% on their call roaming bills abroad. The app uses local cellular networks that mean calls are high quality as Roamer enables users to 'forward' any mobile number to receive calls and make calls with Roamer app.

Using Roamer couldn't be easier:

● 'Forward' mobile number that you'd like to use whilst abroad

● Once at your destination, install ANY local SIM with a minimum data plan

● Launch Roamer to make incoming calls from abroad reaching you (activation)

● Use Roamer to make calls abroad, including your home country, with your regular Caller ID

● Local calls are made with your local SIM as usual.

"The idea for Roamer came after I returned from Thailand a few years ago. The charges were just outrageous so I decided to create something that would change this not just for me but for travellers everywhere," said Nick Ustinov, the man behind Roamer. "We've spent the last few months in beta perfecting the service and listening to the feedback of our users. Roamer is the must-have download for travellers fed up of being ripped off abroad. It really is that simple."

The key features of Roamer include:

● Use any mobile number to make & receive calls abroad

● Use of local cellular networks means Roamer can save users up to 90% on call charges whilst ensuring high quality calls - minimum GPRS-quality or Wi-Fi internet is required to activate the SIM card (done once) or to initiate the call abroad, once connected no data is required).

● Data roaming charges also less expensive with local SIM at destinations

● Roamer has all bases covered – receive a reminder to 'Forward' number before travelling, the app suggests stores to buy SIM cards, etc.

● Integrated with contact list

● Manage calls, cost and duration

"We're excited to finally have both apps ready for consumers to download and use as we approach the holiday season. We're confident they'll notice a huge difference once they return and look at their phone bill," continued Ustinov. "Each year we see lots of reports about roaming and the issues around it. For the team here, it's about creating a product that can really make a difference. We believe Roamer is it."

The market opportunity for Roamer is huge. In 2012, mobile operators earned $45B from roaming charges alone. It gets worse – this is expected to increase to $67B by 2015. Last week it was announced that the European Union is set to vote on plans to create a single European telecoms market and attempt to reduce the prices travellers are being charged for voice calls, texts and data.

"Roamer is a technological breakthrough which solves the problem of call roaming charges globally. Every traveller should have the app downloaded so they can enjoy their trip without having worry about bill shock when they return", said Ustinov.

Roamer is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play. Blackberry and Windows apps are in the pipeline. For more information about Roamer please visit To see a video Roamer in action of the app in action, visit here.