Daily iPhone App: Perfection is an original, fun, and easily accessible puzzle game

Creating an original, fun and easily accessible puzzle game for iOS can't possibly be an easy task these days. You'd think that by now just about every new idea would already have been done a dozen times. Then a game like Perfection comes along and proves that theory wrong.

Perfection tasks you with whittling down a two-dimensional shape by slicing off its edges. A hovering outline remains ever-present in the middle of the screen, showing you the shape you need to craft in order to complete the puzzle. Hacking off chunks of the shape is as easy as sliding your finger across the screen of your device, and as you drag your digit from one side of the screen to the other you can reposition the slice before actually cutting. Once you have created a reasonable replica of the outline in question, the level is over, and you move on to the next shape.

On the default puzzle mode you must only cut each object to the correct shape, but you can move on to two slightly more advanced versions of each puzzle. In the second (if you couldn't tell, these aren't actually named, as they are represented with icons alone), you must slice as well as twist and turn the object to the correct alignment, and in the third mode you must slice, twist and also pinch / zoom the shape to fit the outline, adding yet another layer of complexity to the simple gameplay. These added bonus modes are great additions that help to break up marathon sessions by adding a bit more variety.

Despite its name, which you might assume would signify a game with unforgiving rules. Perfection is actually an extremely casual and laid-back experience. You can take as many cuts as you want to whittle your shape to size. There's no time limit; you can skip any level that you don't like; and you can even redo cuts that didn't turn out as you wanted. In the end, it's really a game made for relaxing, and in that way it does a fantastic job.

However, the simplicity of the gameplay doesn't mean you're going to breeze your way to the end. In fact, nobody will ever actually complete the game. Perfection uses randomly generated puzzles to allow for a literally unending wave of levels that could keep you busy forever, if you don't burn out first.

Perfection's musical score is just as zen-minded as its puzzles, allowing your mind to drift and relax as you cruise through endless stream of colorful puzzles. Sure, you can't challenge your friends to beat your high score or play head-to-head multiplayer until your eyes cross, but that's not really the point of the game. Perfection fills its niche as a game that you can play whenever and wherever you please, with no long-term objectives or goals. For just a buck, it's one of the most inventive and peaceful puzzle games on the App Store.