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PlayStation 3 YouTube update adds auto-pairing with mobile devices

PlayStation 3 YouTube update adds auto-pairing with mobile devices
Ben Gilbert
Ben Gilbert|@RealBenGilbert|July 10, 2013 3:12 PM

The folks at YouTube are updating Sony's PlayStation 3 YouTube app today with additional support for send to TV functionality, making it all the easier to share clips from your mobile device of choice with a living room full of people. Similar to the Xbox 360's SmartGlass functionality, YouTube's send to TV allows for a phone or tablet to be paired via a shared Wi-Fi network with the PS3, enabling videos on your mobile device in the YouTube app to be transferred "instantly" to the big screen -- the service now pairs automatically rather than requiring a PIN. Moreover, today's update looks to be yet another example of YouTube's co-developed DIAL tech. YouTube also added some video stream stabilization in the latest update, should you be experiencing hiccups.

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Thumbs need a break from saving the world from zombies, and want to catch up on the latest PewDiePie videos? The updated YouTube app for Playstation 3 now has the send to TV feature that automatically pairs your phone or tablet with your PS3 on the same Wi-Fi network. Open YouTube on your PS3, click the TV icon on your YouTube app for Android or iPhone, and the video starts playing instantly on your big screen. It'll be like the same awesome feeling you had when you played Metal Gear Solid for the first time. For bonus points, we also made videos play more smoothly and with less buffering. Ok, now back to the zombies...

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PlayStation 3 YouTube update adds auto-pairing with mobile devices