Sony's four pillar approach to game publishing on PlayStation 4 aims to level the playing field

Sony's already said that it's making game publishing on PlayStation 4 even easier than it is on the PlayStation 3, but Senior Account Manager of Development at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Agostino Simonetta today explained exactly what that means. Sony's apparently applying a "four pillar" approach to publishing, as follows:

  1. "Every developer is a publisher"

  2. "Equality of opportunity"

  3. "Personal relationship"

  4. "No hurdles, just games"

It's this multi-tiered approach that Sony believes will attract developers to the PlayStation 4. "Every single developer is a publisher, as far as we're concerned. We don't separate, we don't segregate indies from traditional publishers," Simonetta said, in reference to the current console generation's "segregation" of indie (primarily digital) games from more traditional publishers (primarily disc-based). More specifically, individual devs can work with Sony one-on-one to establish promotions and other details. Perhaps most importantly, all developers will hear back on publishing approval within one week from Sony. Head to the source link below for more details from Simonetta, straight out of the annual Develop conference.