Leaked Sprint document shows new Unlimited, My Way and My All-In plans (update: confirmed, launches July 12th)

According to a leaked document provided to PhoneArena, Sprint might be replacing its "Everything" plans with new "Unlimited, My Way" options. At first glance, there looks to be a lot more choices than before, and certainly a bigger benefit to those with additional lines per household. For example, an individual's unlimited talk and text plan would be $50 a month, but a second line would be reduced to $40, a third to $30 and a fourth or more to $20 a line. Unlimited smartphone data would be $30 on top of that, while data-sippers could opt for a 1GB plan that's $20 a month instead. If you want unlimited everything with a cherry on top, there appears to be a "My All-in" plan that offers unlimited talk, text and data with a 5GB mobile hotspot for $110 a month. We're not sure if the carrier is simply anticipating a challenge to T-Mobile's looming announcement, but it does seem like the magenta operator might have a contender if this turns out to be true. Head on over to the source to see the leaked document in full.

Update: We just received Sprint internal correspondence via a tipster that not only confirms the new Unlimited plans, but also states the Now Network hopes to launch them this Friday, July 12th. The letter goes on to emphasize the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee as stated in the leaked document, declaring that customers who sign up for them will get the unlimited plans for life.