Audi teams up with Philips, Merck for world's first 3D OLED tail lights

We've seen LEDs, OLEDs and even frickin' lasers used in automotive lighting, but Audi's just cranked things up a notch with the world's first 3D OLED tail lights. The prototype system was developed in collaboration with Philips, Merck and the University of Cologne, and the research was funded by the German government. What's 3D OLED about, exactly? It's the application of OLEDs to curved glass surfaces, which enables complex shapes with multiple layers and transparency. For the project, Philips invented new manufacturing techniques to produce OLEDs on formed glass using wet chemistry, and Audi then designed tail lights for a TT Roadster to validate the technology. While there's no word yet on the longevity or efficiency, we figure it's only a matter of time until 3D OLED lighting comes to production vehicles.