Microsoft's metamorphosis: Ballmer restructures Redmond, focuses on services and devices

Rumors of a massive reorg in Redmond have been floating around for awhile now. And the noise reached a fever pitch when Don Mattrick left Microsoft for Zygna's (apparently) greener pastures -- purportedly because he didn't like the role he'd receive in the pending restructuring. Now, a mere ten days after the ex-Xbox chief's departure, we know what the new Microsoft will look like.

As expected, the company has been bifurcated into services and devices divisions, with Julie Larson-Green getting the nod as hardware chief and Terry Myerson becoming the Grand Poobah of Windows. Of course, quite a few other execs have seen their roles shift as well, with Qi Lu managing productivity, communication and search apps and services, and Satya Nadella heading up the company's cloud initiatives. Additionally, Skype president Tony Bates has been tapped to manage the Business Development and Evangelism group, where he'll lead corporate strategy and developer outreach.

There are even more changes afoot. CTO Eric Rudder is now responsible for an Advanced Strategy and Research group and Tami Reller is the new US marketing chief. COO Kevin Turner, CFO Amy Hood, General Counsel Brad Smith and Chief People Officer Lisa Brummel will maintain their current positions. Finally, Office president Kurt DelBene will be retiring from Microsoft, according to the company-wide reorganization email published on the company's site. So what this all this mean for MS? Hit up the source for a 2,700-word memo detailing Steve Ballmer's vision.

Zach Honig contributed to this report.