Nokia Lumia 1020 confirmed on AT&T YouTube channel (video)

We imagine the poor soul that flipped the switch a bit too early on Nokia's latest flagship will be in the unemployment queue come 9AM. AT&T just posted the Lumia 1020 on its YouTube channel, complete with a trio of videos that include very basic walkthroughs of the interface and hardware design. The highlight here, as we already expected, is image capture. The first AT&T demo focuses entirely on the device's video shooting capabilities, including 720p with 6x zoom and stereo audio capture. A second outlines the 41-megapixel sensor and optical image stabilization, while a third video highlights the BSI sensor, Zeiss optics and full manual control. There aren't any specs to share beyond that, unfortunately, but the device is clearly coming to AT&T. We imagine we'll learn a whole lot more at Nokia's "Zoom Reinvented" event later today.

Update: An hour after the videos first appeared, they've now been marked private. No matter. Our own clips are working just fine, and they're embedded after the break.