BlackBerry reportedly loses execs responsible for social apps, BB10 Hub

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BlackBerry has had trouble retaining executives as of late, and its situation may not be getting much better when the Wall Street Journal claims that two software overseers recently left the company. T.A. McCann (pictured at left), a VP who oversaw BBM and social networking apps, reportedly said goodbye two weeks ago. Marc Gingras (right), who masterminded the BlackBerry 10 Hub and came with the acquisition, supposedly quit in "recent weeks." BlackBerry hasn't commented on the rumored exits, although the Journal believes that both McCann and Gingras left voluntarily. If real, the departures aren't coming at a good time -- BlackBerry is in rough financial straits, and it needs executives willing to turn the ship around.

[Gingras image credit: Kris Krüg, Flickr]

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