RIM acquires Tungle, might soon bridge your calendar across platforms

The BlackBerry PlayBook may be noticeably lacking a calendar app of its own (at least for now), but it looks like RIM could soon have more scheduling options than ever -- it's just acquired fellow Canadian company Tungle, which specializes in syncing your calendar across platforms. At the moment, that's done with either the company's web application, or its iOS or BlackBerry app (an Android version has also been promised), which also let you share your calendar with folks inside or outside your company and, of course, tie it into your various social networks -- so you can learn about the person you're having a meeting with, for instance. As you might expect, however, RIM is staying mum on exactly what it has in mind for the company, and it also isn't divulging any specific terms of the acquisition. Head on past the break for a video demonstrating how the current service works.