GlassKap project brings 3D-printed crosshairs, macro lens to Google Glass (video)

Todd Blatt wants to have more fun with Google Glass than just the occasional game of Battleship, and he has been crowdfunding 3D-printed GlassKap add-ons to spice things up. His newest additions to the line have us especially intrigued, though: he just unveiled a set of crosshairs (pictured above) and a macro lens (after the break). Both function as you'd expect, letting Glass wearers either live out their future soldier fantasies or snap up-close photos that they'd normally miss. The September launches for both accessories are contingent on Blatt reaching his $1,500 funding goal, although that should happen soon when it takes a $30 pledge to set aside a GlassKap. The real challenge is obtaining Glass in the first place.

GlassKap project brings 3Dprinted crosshairs, macro lens to Google Glass video