IRL: UNDFIND's One camera bag and FIFA 13 for Xbox 360

Welcome to IRL, an ongoing feature where we talk about the gadgets, apps and toys we're using in real life and take a second look at products that already got the formal review treatment.

Can't bring yourself to spend $300-plus on a leather camera bag? Get a $130 one made out of Neoprene, says Darren. (And he should know: he's tested just about all of them by now.) As for Edgar, he's not recommending you buy anything, per se; he just wants you to know how much he loves FIFA 13.

UNDFIND One camera bag

IRL UNDFIND's bags and FIFA 13 for Xbox 360

Given that a) I'm on the road a lot and b) my wife is the world's greatest photographer, I tend to end up testing a staggering amount of bags. For photographers with an enviable budget, there's really no match for one of Ona Bags' offerings. But for those looking for something a touch smaller (and more affordable), I think I've stumbled onto a new favorite: UNDFIND.

These bags are built by a photographer, for photographers. In fact, it's the same guy behind the formidable SLRLounge, a site that produces excellent how-to videos and tutorials. The latest in the bunch, the One Bag, is a real standout. I tested the $110 10-inch model (great for an iPad, two to three lenses and a few accessories) as well as the $130 13-inch model (which works excellently with a MacBook Air, as it turns out). Both are made of a stretchy Neoprene material, with the larger of the two being my favorite. It's capable of holding a laptop, three to five lenses and a mid-range DSLR body, but it's the details that have made the greatest impression.%Gallery-192101%

For example, there's a strap on the rear for sliding atop the carry handle of a rolling airport suitcase. The zippers are double-lined in order to not scrape against any of your equipment. You'll find pockets on the cover, which is ideal for memory cards, business cards and other things you'd rather not dig for. Heck, there are even straps on the bottom to hold a monopod or tripod. It's obvious these bags were engineered by someone who actually shoots for a living, and the build quality is such that I'd trust it to take a beating for years on end. As a bonus? The lens divider slides right out if you'd prefer to use it for other situations on non-shooting days. Sold.

-- Darren Murph

FIFA 13 for Xbox 360

IRL UNDFIND's One camera bag and FIFA 13 for Xbox 360

The quest to earn the title of "World's Best Football Game" has seen EA's FIFA and Konami's Winning Eleven (aka Pro Evolution Soccer) battle it out since the early days of consoles. But on this side of the pond, at least, the FIFA franchise seems to be the one winning over the hearts of those who enjoy the sport -- and that includes me.

Don't get me wrong, I've always been a fan of the work coming out of the Konami studios -- especially ISS 64 -- but there's just something about FIFA that keeps me shelling out $60-plus every time the title's yearly refresh hits shelves. Such was the case with FIFA 13, and although the game is now on its last legs due to most leagues being on summer break, it's still entertaining enough for me to play it whenever I have time for a gaming session.

While the online matches on Xbox Live are quite enjoyable, Career Mode is my favorite -- how could you not have fun creating your own player and taking him on a journey to become a global superstar? EA also does a pretty great job of constantly updating the squads within the game, keeping them as close as possible to those in the real world. Naturally, this can be done manually, but it's definitely nice not to have to make every single change yourself.

Things like having the proper licenses for team or player names, numerous multiplayer modes and Ultimate Team are also part of what have made FIFA 13 a must-own for me -- heck, I know folks who don't even follow the sport but who still love the game as much as I do. FIFA 14 on the Xbox One or PS4, you say? Count me in.

-- Edgar Alvarez