redesign preview modernizes public data delivery

Sponsored Links redesign preview modernizes public data delivery

While we know the government's spying on our personal data, what's it doing with all of the public info it gathers? President Obama's answer to that question was creating, a portal that publishes, among other things, public school funding amounts. Four years on, though, and the site looks and navigates like a product of its time. The modern redesign that launched today as a preview is part of this May's Open Data Executive Order that hopes to graft non-proprietary and machine-readable data formats "into the Federal Government's DNA." The homepage combines published research from a range of headings -- education, energy, finance, global development, health, research and safety -- and the tweets of public servants about said data, into one river of news. It's cool to see the government taking charge and making all this easier to access, but we're wondering how much it'll cost us next April.

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