Intuitive Aerial takes the Oculus Rift on its first FPV drone flight (video)

DNP Intuitive Aerial takes the Oculus Rift's on its first FPV drone flight

The Oculus Rift: it's not just for gaming. Erik Torkel Danielsson, one of the co-founders of Intuitive Aerial, decided to put his shiny new Rift through its paces this week by pairing it with his company's Black Armor Drone. The hexacopter is designed for aerial photography, and the payload is pretty hefty -- attached to the rig are two cameras simultaneously recording video and an onboard laptop. The video is encoded by the laptop and transmitted to the land-based computer via WiFi for display on the Rift. It all sounds pretty nifty, but it's not quite a perfect system yet. There's a latency of about 120 milliseconds, which is feasible for FPV flight, but not ideal. That being said, it's still fun to see the Rift being put to new, innovative uses. To watch Intuitive Aerial's first flight, check out the video after the break.