Tango update brings Facebook-like social networking features

DNP Tango update

Tango dances its way into a bigger ballroom today -- it's no longer just a cross-platform messenger now that the latest update brings a number of social networking features to the mix. Following the release of an in-app gaming platform, the new version of Tango gives you the power to find potential friends near you if you allow it to access your location. It lets you tweak your profile, add your picture, post status updates à la Facebook and Twitter and send and receive images during a voice or a video call. We're sure you're already active on a bunch of social networks, but if you're looking for a new dance partner, Tango's just a source link away.

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Tango's 130+ million members can now easily find friends nearby

Mountain View, Calif., July 16, 2013 – Tango, the leading messaging and entertainment app, is launching new social-networking features to enhance experiences among more than 130 million Tango members. Today's release follows Tango's recent introduction of a new platform for mobile app developers in the gaming industry, which signaled the company's evolution from a leading messaging app into a broad-based ecosystem combining social networking, communications and entertainment.

The new social enhancements that Tango members will enjoy:

· Find friends nearby: Tango members will now be able to easily find friends or connect with new friends who are located nearby. This feature allows members to easily connect without having to type in contact information. Perfect for situations where you meet new friends such as in classrooms, on vacation, or attending a party.

Personalized profiles: Tango is moving beyond the address book contact view by giving members the ability to create and customize their own profiles. They can select a profile picture, post status updates and upload photos to share with their friends on Tango.

· Share pictures live during video or voice calls: For the first time in a messaging app, members can sit virtually side-by-side with friends and family and flip through pictures during a video or voice call. This makes sharing pictures an interactive, real-time experience.

"With this update, Tango becomes the first company to have truly blended together the best of messaging, social and entertainment into a single platform," said Uri Raz, Tango co-founder and CEO. "We are excited to not only give members a completely new way to stay in touch with their families and meet new friends, but also provide our third-party content partners the opportunity to serve more than 130 million Tango members with fun and engaging entertainment."

These features are included in latest version of Tango for both iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded for free from iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store now.