Twitter for BlackBerry 10 updated: revamped UI, multiple account access and more

Suffice it to say, the BB10 crowd hasn't exactly been pleased with the current Twitter app on the platform -- a quick look at the BlackBerry World reviews pretty much sums up the frustration. Now, hoping to alleviate some of those troubles, Twitter's releasing version 10.2 of its application, which brings a hefty amount of improvements to folks with a Z10 or Q10. The app now displays a redesigned UI that makes it easier to browse, as well as other new features including access to DMs and multiple accounts, the ability to save photos being shared, an overhauled Discover tab and more enhancements to search. We have a feeling BlackBerry 10 users will certainly appreciate today's beefy update, so do let us know in the comments below if you're enjoying it thus far.