'Bid for Greatness' with your trophies in Sony memorabilia auction

'Bid for Greatness' is a Sony memorabilia auction website where trophies are currency

Sony has a big ol' pile of props, costumes and artwork left over from the production of its "Greatness Awaits" trailer that debuted during this year's E3. An auction website will now unload everything – but don't pull out your just wallet yet. You're going to use a different currency.

The site is called Bid for Greatness, and rather than dropping huge wads of cash for one-of-a-kind memorabilia, users will instead bid the Gold Trophies associated with their PlayStation Network accounts. Sony will place a new item up for auction every day for the next fourteen days, with each auction lasting 24 hours. Available items range from concept artwork to complete costumes, such as this Killzone: Shadow Fall outfit that (as of press time) has a high bid of 975 Gold Trophies.

Sony points out that Trophies bid on items will not be removed from their respective PSN accounts, so not only will the person who outbids you on something get that thing you wanted, they'll also have more trophies than you at the end of the day. Harsh.