Goodspeed flat-rate hotspot service now supports China Unicom

Uros' Goodspeed hotspot service offers sanely priced international data, but it hasn't been available in China so far -- that's not much help when visiting friends in Fuzhou. Travelers won't have to fret, however, as Uros just unveiled a network agreement with China Unicom. Goodspeed's €5.90 ($8) daily rate now supplies a modest-but-usable 500MB of 3G data throughout large parts of China. Visitors will also need to pay Goodspeed's usual €9.90 ($13) monthly fee and buy the €269 ($353) hotspot, but they're still looking at big savings over conventional data roaming. Those planning Chinese expeditions will likely want to give the service at least a cursory look through the source link.

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China Unicom to provide Goodspeed's network in China

Roaming-free Internet is now reality also for travellers heading to China as Uros Ltd expands the coverage of its Goodspeed Internet service to Asia in co-operation with China Unicom.

19th July 2013 – Hong Kong – Uros Ltd today announced a partnership that lets international travellers enjoy high-speed mobile Internet in China at a fixed and affordable daily rate without fear of expensive roaming fees. China is the first Asian country where the Goodspeed Internet service is available and with this new addition the service covers now a total of 26 countries, among them also Russia.

Tommi Uhari, CEO at Uros said: "With around 60 million international visitors yearly and ranked as the third most visited country in the world, China is a perfect fit to our existing coverage. The China Unicom partnership is yet another concrete step in bringing easy Internet access to frequent travellers all over the world. Our aim is to remove the fear of bill shock and let people be themselves and productive also when on the road."

The Goodspeed service for China is priced at 5.90€ per day of use and contains a generous 500MB mobile data package.The Goodspeed mobile hotspot that enables the service and the SIM cards for the destination countries are available at the Uros online shop starting from 269€. The monthly fee, which includes automatic updates, account statements and destination management, is priced at 9.90€.

Mr Xinzhong Zhang, General Manager at China Unicom Jixi branch, commented the agreement: "China Unicom is the only operator in China running WCDMA, or also referred as UMTS, network and service. By the end of 2012, China Unicom has established WCDMA HSPA+ networks in over 330 cities in China, and downlink speed is now upgrading from 21 Mbps to 42Mbps. We are pleased to welcome international travellers to China and to provide them with our high quality 3G data service through Goodspeed."