Insert Coin: Canary, a one-stop shop for securing your home

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Insert Coin Canary, a onestop shop for securing your home video

If recent trends are any indication, there's a strong possibility that a cylindrical computing device will be in your future. Canary is the latest curved component to make its debut this year -- this one's focused on security. The vertical computer includes a high-def camera and mic, along with infrared motion, temperature, humidity and air quality sensors. It's an all-in-one solution for securing your home (or perhaps just a room in your home), providing video feeds and sensor readouts to your Android or iOS device in real time. You can automatically arm or disarm it when your device comes within range of a pre-selected location, and there's even a siren that can be triggered remotely, should you need to wake up a roommate or terrorize a pet.

Canary is currently up for grabs on Indiegogo. The $149 and $169 early bird specials have already reached their 200-unit caps, so pre-ordering the device will now set you back a cool $199. That offer includes a white finish and shipping within the US -- expect it to reach your doorstep by May. If you're willing to jump up to $249, you can snag a Canary in matte black or silver, or, if you're really feeling generous, you can pledge $1,000 and walk away with a beta unit, which should arrive in February. Hit up the source link for a video demo.

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