Sony Honami reportedly poses for photos in near-complete form

There's been a lot of talk about Sony's reported Honami smartphone, but there haven't been photos of the beast in a nearly finished state. At least, until now: Gadget Helpline and Weibo user @latter21 claim to have multiple photos of the would-be flagship. The photos largely match up with previous rumors, which have Sony fitting a larger (possibly 20-megapixel) camera into the corner while otherwise preserving a very Xperia Z-like design. There are a couple of surprises -- the xenon flash of an earlier leak isn't visible, and a large speaker has surfaced at the bottom. Unfortunately, the photo suppliers can't verify many other details. The camera interface is purportedly unfinished, and there's no mention of the CPU and display quality upgrades inherited from the Xperia Z Ultra. If the images are accurate, though, we're looking at a subtle design evolution whose biggest upgrades are hidden inside.