Stream Nation goes global, offers private video sharing with no playback limits

At some point, competition and catch-up should iron out many of the differences between rival cloud storage platforms. For now though, each option focuses on slightly different things, and Stream Nation's main specialism is private video streaming, which it has just made accessible to users in the US, UK and elsewhere. Unlike Flickr Pro or Dropbox, for example, there's no limit to the length or file size of a video clip that can be streamed to someone else's browser. The service's founder, Jonathan Benassaya, who also co-founded Deezer, says he originally designed it to help him share vacation videos with his family.

Then again, there are few hold-ups to consider: you need to install an uploader application to store photos and videos, unless you're grabbing them from Dropbox or elsewhere on the web, and from our experience the whole process is rather slow -- it took a good 20 minutes to encode a 90MB clip we brought over from Dropbox. Furthermore, you can only share a video with people who are also registered on Stream Nation, and you have to pay for anything over 2GB (or suffer the indignity of inviting all your Google contacts, which nets you a bonus 8GB). So yeah, this won't suit everyone, especially if they need unlimited space or if their friends and family are savvy enough to know what to do with a Dropbox link, but it might just come in handy.