Netflix, Pandora confirmed as content partners for Chromecast streaming

Google's taking another big stab at the TV market with its just-announced Chromecast HDMI streaming solution, and it's naturally lined up some content partners to make that device more useful. At its event today, the company confirmed that Netflix is on board with video streaming support from its Android and iOS apps; Chromecast buyers will also get three months of Netflix for free "for a limited time" with their purchase (notably, that includes existing Netflix members). On the audio side of things, you'll also be able to take advantage of music streaming courtesy of Pandora, which is apparently coming sometime after launch according to Google's blog post. Less surprisingly, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, and the Play Music app will also be offering full support for the device, letting you push videos and music to your TV (and the sound system attached to it) from your mobile device of choice. Additional content partners are said to be "coming soon."%Gallery-194569%