Amazon brings long-form interviews to Kindle Singles


Amazon's harnessing the power of the Kindle Single to bring the art of long-form interviews to its e-reader. The new Kindle Singles Interview series offers up conversations with world leaders and other key figures for $0.99 a pop, kicking things off with Shimon Peres. The Israeli President and Nobel Peace Prize winner discusses the country's upcoming peace talks with New Yorker writer David Samuels. The conversation, titled simply "The Optimist," also touches on topics like Mark Zuckerberg's "revolution with a billion people." You can check that out in the source link below.

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New Kindle Singles Interview series debuts with Israeli President Shimon Peres announced today "The Kindle Singles Interview," a new series designed to take full advantage of the Kindle Singles platform by offering major long-form interviews with iconic figures and world leaders. The Kindle Singles Interview is a new exclusive series in the Kindle Singles store ( The debut Kindle Singles Interview, "The Optimist," is an interview with Shimon Peres, the 89-year-old President of Israel.

Peres, who turns 90 on August 2, was elected president of Israel in 2007. He previously served two terms as Israel's Prime Minister, and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 (with Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin) for his role in the peace negotiations that led to the Oslo Accords. In "The Optimist," President Peres insisted that forthcoming peace talks arranged by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry are serious, and asserted that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is a partner for peace. He also called for a peaceful resolution to his country's conflicts with Iran, declaring that "sanctions are functioning" and adding that "I wouldn't like to start anything by shooting." In a nearly two-hour conversation last Sunday, President Peres described Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg as the most important revolutionary leader in the world today. "Karl Marx never forecast Zuckerberg," Peres said. "He made a revolution with a billion people."

"In September of 1962, novelist Alex Haley's conversation with Miles Davis launched the Playboy Interview, and pioneered the idea of a long-form, extended dialogue with the great personalities of our time," said David Blum, editor of Kindle Singles. "We hope to carry forward that tradition, and use the unlimited digital space to engage great artists and thinkers in conversation with skilled writers and interviewers."

The interview was conducted by David Samuels, in association with Tablet Magazine. Samuels is a contributing editor at Harper's and a longtime contributor to The New Yorker and The Atlantic, and the author of Only Love Can Break Your Heart and The Runner. Tablet Magazine ( is the daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture.

The Kindle Singles Interview is available for $0.99 exclusively to Kindle customers in the Kindle Singles store (