Samsung reportedly looking to engineer new ARM-compatible Exynos processor

It's a material world, and Samsung's just living in it. And, evidently, it's tired of doing things in the same manner it has been. According to a report from ETNews, the aforesaid company is looking to produce an Exynos processor using a "redesigned ARM core platform" that'll be whipped up in Samsung's Austin, Texas-based R&D facility. If the plans materialize, it'll mark the first time that Samsung has engineered an Exynos chip "based on its own architecture platform by redesigning the ARM cores." For those unaware, Qualcomm and Apple are amongst the precious few that have concocted their own platforms after inking an architecture licensing deal with ARM, and it sounds as if Sammy's tired of being on the outside looking in. The report also states that development is expected "to be completed early next year," and you can bet that future Galaxy and Note products will be the first to benefit.