The Queue: Breeze below my flight appendages

This weekend, a reader helped me with a very silly technical problem. In appreciation, I told him that he's my hero.

Then he made a terrible, terrible mistake.

Mortman asked:

Question about the WoW books... Are those authors hired by Blizzard to write the books? Or do they just write them and submit them to Blizzard? Or are they more like fanfiction?

Those authors work under contract with Blizzard. Our own Sarah Pine has done some short story work for Blizzard. Even better, she's written about how it works.

iqwacp asked:

Is it true? Did Frostheim really leave?

Indeed, Frostheim is retiring. In the very near future (but not yet), we're going to be accepting applications for the hunter columnist position. Mage, too. Start working on your sample pieces!

Those two classes have, historically, been our most popular class columns. Orders of magnitude more popular than the ones we're no longer running possibly because the authors were incredible. That's why we aren't filling every position, it didn't make financial sense. However, we're debating some things internally. If anything comes of that debate, it won't be until after BlizzCon.

@laughingbanshee asked:

why won't @Warcraft add a way for us to tweet achievements (with screenshots), like Rift does?

I can't speak for Blizzard, but personally, I find features like that kind of annoying! If I care about your achievements, that means I'm your friend. If I'm your friend, I probably saw you get the achievement in-game. Just being able to tweet screenshots would be cool, but linking it to achievements (or automatically tweeting achievements) is crazy talk.

@matthewjburt asked:

leaving out being demonically/sha-ly enhanced, who would win in a straight - up brawl: Grom or Garrosh?

Every time we've seen Grom seriously kick butt, he's been high on sweet, sweet, demon blood. For that reason, it's hard to make a call. I'd still say Grom, though. He's OG. I haven't seen Garrosh spend a whole lot of time on a front line.

@SkyShark_X2 asked:

Do you feel flight restrictions in new areas in expansions are getting a bit out of control this expansion?

As someone who has admitted previously that I don't like flying mounts ... no. Others will probably disagree, and strongly!

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