Sprint sold 1.4M iPhones in Q2 2013

Sprint must be happy with its decision to start selling the iPhone. The company reports that 1.4 million iPhones were sold in the second fiscal quarter of 2013. Even better, 41 percent of those phones went to new Sprint customers.

The carrier didn't sell as many iPhones in the last quarter as it did in the first quarter of 2013, when it saw a whopping 1.5 million boxes go out the door. Overall subscriber numbers for the carrier were also down from 55.2 million to 53.6 million, so the news isn't all rosy for Sprint.

While Sprint saw a slight decline in iPhone sales, competitor Verizon saw second quarter activation numbers soar over 41 percent from the previous year, with a total of 3.9 million of iPhones being activated on its network. AT&T refused to offer specific sales or activation numbers for the iPhone, but did note that they were up.

Sprint is right in the middle of some amazing expansion, purchasing both WiMax provider Clearwire and a portion of US Cellular's network. The company was also recently purchased by Japan's SoftBank for $21.6 billion, with much of the cash being targeted for expansion of Sprint's LTE network.

[via MacObserver]