Quip: a word processor built for the mobile generation

The humble word processor is a pillar of continuity, in a maddening world of change. Or rather it was. Quip is a the latest app that hopes to drag the old-boy of DTP kicking and screaming into the mobile generation. If that sounds like potential hot-talk, then know that the project is a collaboration between former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor and founder of Google App Engine, Kevin Gibbs. What happens when these two re-write the writing tool? You get docs that adapt to the screen you're working on, a slew of collaboration tools (in app messaging, change notifications, image sharing and more,) plus all the usual cloud feature an app of the present day demands -- such as work offline, sync when connected. If anything, perhaps it's a little too modern, with one big lack: no support for Word docs in either direction. Quip can only export PDFs, but will preserve formatting, letting you cut-and-past your way around that minor bump in the road. How much for the word processing revolution? Free for personal use, or $12 per month if you're in business. It's iOS and desktop only at the minute, but the ink is just about to dry on an Android version any time now.