More than 40 percent of active Android devices now run Jelly Bean, Gingerbread stubbornly holds steady

The last time Google visited Jelly Bean's user saturation numbers, it took the combined efforts of 4.1 and 4.2 to edge out Gingerbread's (v2.3.3 through 2.3.7) hold on the user base. Not anymore; the latest numbers from the Android Dashboard show the base version of Jelly Bean, Android 4.1, representing 34 percent of the active devices -- singlehandedly surpassing the old guard's 33 percent share of the market. When combined with the rest of the Jelly Bean contingent (Android 4.2 and above), Google's latest flavor of Android crushes Gingerbread with a 40.5 percent majority.

Froyo (v2.2), Eclair (v2.1) and Ice Cream Sandwich (v4.0.3 through 4.0.4) all took modest hits as well, though the latter of the trio retained its third-place position with 22.5 percent of active users. The only builds to hold steady? Honeycomb (v3.2) and Donut (v1.6), each retaining a miniscule 0.1 percent of the market. We'll admit, it's cute to see these old versions hang on, but please -- if you're still rocking a handset running Android 1.6, do us all a favor and turn it off.