Motorola details Moto Maker, the website you'll use to build Moto X (video)

In looking for a way to differentiate its Moto X in a market saturated with mid-range smartphones, Motorola opted to offer unique customization options, with the phone assembled to order at a facility in Fort Worth, Texas. You can pick from a handful of backplate colors, such as Turquoise or Royal Blue, along with accents around the camera lens and volume rocker -- think of it as a ColorWare coating, but applied at the factory. You'll make your picks on Moto Maker, a site dedicated to outfitting your Moto X.

First, you'll choose a back color from a dozen or so available options -- some pretty spiffy wood finishes, such as Bamboo, Teak, Ebony and Rosewood, are coming soon. Up next is a front color selector, where you can pick from black or white -- white looks quite nice with a lighter wood like Bamboo or Teak, for example, while Ebony and Rosewood might better match a black front plate. Then, you can select an accent color, and add a "signature" that'll be printed on the back, such as an email address (to aid in retrieving a lost phone). Finally, you can add on a clear or colored case from manufacturers like Belkin or Case Mate, along with other accessories like headphones and speakers.

You can choose a standard 16GB Moto X for $199 with a two-year contract, or you can step up to 32 gigs for an extra 50 bucks (storage is not expandable, so this is your only chance to upgrade). After you place an order, Motorola plans to get the device to your door within four days. Initially, you'll only be able to customize a device for AT&T, and only if you're based in the US. Sadly, there's no word when (or if) Maker will be available internationally, but it is set to go live domestically by the date Moto X goes on sale, if not sooner. Join as we take it for a spin in the video after the break.