Xbox One cloud servers offer equivalent to 600 percent AI processing boost, claims Forza 5 team

Microsoft already talked up how the cloud component of its Xbox One console will work, but now we're hearing of the benefits from the dev's side. The verdict is certainly positive so far, with Dan Greenawalt, creative director for Forza 5, extolling its virtues, citing it as a "tremendous opportunity" in a recent interview with OXM. His team has been using it to take care of a lot of the AI elements in the game -- such as its Drivatar system -- which he claims would usually take up about 10 - 20 percent of the console's processing power. By letting the cloud deal with it, however, it can spill out into much greater complexity, with Greenawalt claiming a boost equivalent to "600 percent" of the actual Xbox's brains. This, in turn, freeing up the 10 - 20 percent it would have used for something else. Bold statement, of course, but with the early signals looking good, this is one feature we're glad still made the cut.