Volumental's browser-based 3D scanning project brings your work to the cloud

These days, it seems like everyone and their dog is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their very own 3D printer, and the market's quickly become saturated with a plethora of models to choose from. Not quite as popular are crowd-funded 3D scanning solutions. Volumental, a Stockholm-based startup, is looking to bridge that gap with a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 for its browser-based 3D scanning project. What sets Volumental's endeavor apart is that it requires such a bare bones setup: all you need are the necessary drivers, a browser and any OpenNI compliant depth camera, like Kinect or PrimeSense. Once the scan has been made, the process moves to the cloud, where users can share models and access the most up-to-date software available. To find out more, head on over to Volumental's Kickstarter page (linked below) or check out the video after the break.