Feedly goes Pro: $5 per month for better search, security and more (update: sold out)

Log into your free 'n easy Feedly RSS service this morning and you may be offered the opportunity to make it less free, but potentially even easier to use. An upgrade to Feedly Pro will normally cost $5 per month or $45 per year, but it's also currently be sold for $99 with a lifetime membership for the first 5,000 claimants. In return, the cloud-based reader promises the following:

  • Https support to "add a layer of security to your Feedly browsing"

  • Article search that allows you to search "within your Feedly feeds";

  • Evernote integration that enables one-click saving of an article to a selected notebook;

  • Premium support, which means upgraders will "get bumped to the front of the support line" if they need a hand.

And there we have it. An inevitable move on Feedly's part, no doubt, though we can't help but remember the days when it made us all feel special.

Update: Those 5,000 limited editions are all gone. The outfit has set its sights on unleashing the full-on pro version "in a few weeks" thanks to the funds raised.