NASA to broadcast Curiosity's 1st anniversary celebration on August 6th 10:45 ET

It's hard to believe August 5th marks Curiosity's first year on Mars -- it seems like only yesterday that we were on tenterhooks during the rover's precarious landing on the red planet. Within that time, it hasn't only fulfilled its initial mission of finding evidence of extraterrestrial water, but it has also discovered traces of carbon-based materials and captured an astounding number of Mars close-ups. To celebrate everything Curiosity's done thus far, NASA JPL will broadcast its first anniversary event via Ustream on August 6th, 10:45AM EDT.

The program kicks off with a series of pre-recorded interviews with the mission's team, but a live stream with NASA officials and the crew aboard the ISS will follow. Folks itching to pick their brains can ask them questions in advance via Curiosity's Twitter or Google+ accounts, or during the event by using the #askNASA hashtag. Even if you're not a fan of the rover, you might still want to tune in -- NASA will also be chatting about its preparations for the first human mission to Mars and to an asteroid.