Solar-powered Ubuntu laptop boasts 10-hour battery, 2-hour charge time

A blazing sun and the outdoors don't exactly make for an ideal computing environment -- unless you're toting a ruggedized laptop that harnesses energy from sunlight like the Ubuntu-running Sol. Created mainly for use in developing countries with intermittent (or non-existent) electricity, it's equipped with solar panels that soak up the sun when unfolded. According to OMG Ubuntu, its creators from Canadian company WeWi Telecommunications claim Sol's battery, which can last for up to ten hours, only takes two hours to charge via solar energy.

The device's official website reveals little else, but according to the nuggets of information we've stumbled upon, Sol will pack an Intel processor, WiFi connectivity and an HD display, with an optional satellite module for internet connectivity. While full availability details have yet to be announced, a countdown timer on its website hints at more info in just under two days. Ghana will reportedly see the hardware arrive first with an accompanying $300 price tag. Though the notebook isn't exactly wildly affordable, it's at least a bit cheaper than Samsung's 2011 take on a sunbeam-fueled laptop.