LG piles on the software features for latest flagship, including 'Answer Me' and Guest Mode

No non-Nexus Android phone is complete without a pile of obnoxious helpful unique software features. LG's G2 is no different; it adds a bunch more customizations and apps to the company's existing suite. Plug & Pop automatically suggests apps and tasks when you plug in headphones or a USB cable, while Slide Aside lets you quickly dismiss running apps with a simple three-finger swipe. KnockON isn't exactly new, but it's definitely one of the more intriguing and simple twists on the standard Android UI: instead of hitting a power button you simply tap twice on the display to wake the G2 from its sleep. It's a nice convenience that goes hand-in-hand with Answer Me, which automatically answers calls when you put the phone to your ear, just like an old-school wired telephone. There's even QuickRemote, which can not only control home entertainment systems, but a whole range of devices, thanks to its ability to "learn" from standard IR remotes. There's also a guest mode, for when you want to hand the phone over to a friend or your child, though, Guest Mode does nothing to stop their sticky little fingers from leaving goo on your screen.%Gallery-195588%