Dell unveils Latitude 7000 series Ultrabooks with Haswell inside

Dell's Haswell-based Latitude laptops have been a tad on the chunky side so far, but the company is making amends by quietly launching its new Latitude 7000 series Ultrabooks. Both the 12.5-inch E7240 and 14-inch E7440 fit Intel's new low-voltage, 1.7GHz Core i3 CPU into an aluminum shell that's about 0.8 inch thick, yet meets military standards for resistance to dust, water and shock. They also support Dell's WiGig Wireless Dock and WiDi. Neither will come close to the Precision M3800 in features, however. The two Latitudes both start with 4GB of RAM and a 1,366 x 768 display, and there's no way to upgrade the performance or screen quality. They're also expensive -- the E7240 is launching at a $1,169 sale price with a 128GB SSD inside, while the E7440 with a 320GB hard drive isn't much cheaper at $1,049. Still, we wouldn't complain (much) if an IT manager plunked either of these Ultrabooks on our desks.