Massively does Geek Week: The Secret World crafting guide

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Massively does Geek Week: The Secret World crafting guide
The Secret World
As MMO players, we know all about being geeks; we're the geekiest video gamers around! Join in the fun today as we celebrate Google's Geek Week with a series of MMO-flavored videos to introduce fellow geeks to our favorite games: Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, The Secret World, and more!

Our final Geek Week video of the day homes in on The Secret World, an in-depth conspiracy-driven MMO with what can be confusing mechanics. One of the hardest mechanic to master is the game's crafting system. With so many different materials and combinations, it's easy to get lost, so after the break, Massively's livestreamer extraordinaire Psykopig has put together a video introduction to TSW's crafting system, including a guide to getting started and basic layouts for intermediate crafters. Why not be entertained while you learn?

We're all done with Geek Week now, but you can get caught up on all our entries with this handy-dandy playlist.

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