Microsoft continues anti-iPad offensive with new commercial

Microsoft today continued its anti-iPad offensive with yet another commercial, this one highlighting the many differences between the Microsoft Surface RT and Apple's fourth-generation iPad.

Per usual, the differences pointed out by the commercial aren't all that interesting and I sincerely doubt anyone would watch this commercial and feel compelled to abandon plans of an iPad purchase and head on over to the land of the Surface.

Somewhat amusing, though not terribly surprising given how the marketing world works, is that Microsoft boasts that a 32 GB Surface RT will cost you $349 while a 16 GB iPad will cost you $499. Funny thing is, the same Surface RT used to cost $499 before Microsoft recently slashed $150 off the price on account of lackluster sales.

I also find it curious that Microsoft continues to tout Microsoft Office as an attractive selling point for tablet buyers. The iPad is by and large a mass consumer device and I doubt that many prospective iPad buyers think to themselves, "Man, the iPad is great, but I just wish I could use it to create some Excel spreadsheets." Point blank, Microsoft Office likely doesn't factor into the purchasing decision process for the majority of iPad owners. It's as if Microsoft is advertising the benefits of a sensible briefcase to a group of surfers.