PayPal trials mugshot verification in UK stores

PayPal employees at the company's UK headquarters are tired of having to use traditional payment methods when buying their rocket and crayfish sarnies. It's almost an affront, in fact, so they're pushing local retailers in Richmond Upon Thames to trial an updated, entirely PayPal-based system that uses photo authentication to make things faster. If you want to try it, go to the "Local" section of your PayPal app (on iOS, Android or WP), which should show nearby participating shops, and simply select the one you're visiting -- this will then cause your name and profile picture to come up on the seller's app so they can verify you're the account holder and process the transaction. Having given it a quick armchair run-through, the system looks similar to what PayPal already offers in some Australian stores, and it's apparently PIN-free at the point of purchase -- although you'll obviously have had to authenticate your app when you installed it, as well as have uploaded a reasonably realistic (and preferably static) profile picture.