Sony's special edition red laptops coming to the US, prices start at $2,000

Earlier this summer, Sony took its new laptops and put out special-edition versions with a glossy Ferrari-red finish. At the time, those machines were only available in Japan and Europe, but now Sony's US division is getting in on the action too, with a limited quantity going on sale today here in the states. All told, the line includes the Fit 15, the Pro 13 and the Duo 13 slider (read: about half of Sony's total notebook lineup). What's interesting is that although the color is the same from one model to another, Sony had to change up the painting process and pigment combinations depending on whether the machine was made of carbon fiber, aluminum or some other material. Either way, they each have a UV coating on top (sort of the equivalent of a manicure topcoat), so presumably that fancy paint job won't chip as soon as you take your PC out of the box.

Spec-wise, your mileage will vary depending on whether you get a Fit mainstream laptop or a Pro-series Ultrabook. In brief, though, they all come with Core i7 processors and 1080p touchscreens, except the Fit 15 has 12GB of RAM, a 2GB GPU, Blu-ray drive and 256GB SSD, whereas the two smaller models have eight gigs of memory and 512GB SSDs. At any rate, we hope you really, really like red: the Fit 15 goes for $2,000, the Pro 13 for $2,600 and the Duo 13 for $3,000. Congrats on that disposable income, folks!%Gallery-194881%

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The Ultimate Expression of Sony Craftsmanship

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, August 8, 2013 – Sony is raising the status of its VAIO® Duo, Pro and Fit models by releasing a limited number in a lustrous, rich, glossy red. The VAIO® | red edition is distinctly Sony featuring exquisite details, extreme portability and speedy performance.

The signature red finish is achieved by a variety of painting techniques on different materials, including carbon fiber and aluminum. Multiple paint layers are individually applied and hand-polished, building layer upon layer of rich, lustrous color. To give it that extra glossy finish, a durable protective UV coating creates an extra vibrant sheen with gorgeous depth and richness.

In addition to premium luxury design, the new VAIO | red edition is fused with the power of Sony's display technologies, exceptional camera quality and audio technology.

"Sony has a tradition of designing products built on passion and innovation," said Pedro LaFarga, SVP, Sony VAIO & Networked Products Division. "The new VAIO | red edition is the ultimate in superior PC technology and ensures VAIO users truly experience a level of quality that exceeds expectations. Nothing matches the inspiring look and sheer presence of Sony VAIO Red."

Ultimate Performance
With up to Intel® Core™ i7 fourth generation processors, 12GB memory and 512GB storage, the VAIO | red edition delivers super charged performance.

Faster boot-up and data access is achieved with Solid State Drive options. The sophisticated VAIO Pro 13, the world's lightest 13.3" touch Ultrabook™, is also the first notebook PC on the market to include a high speed PCIe SSD drive, allowing for faster performance than traditional SSD drives. The VAIO Fit 15 offers a hybrid hard drive and an optical drive that reads and writes Blu-ray Disc™ media.

The VAIO | red edition also includes standard Sony features such as a full-size backlit and full-pitch keyboard, track pad and instant PC resume technology.

With NFC (Near Field Communication technology) included across the VAIO | red edition, users can quickly exchange website URLs and enable Bluetooth® connections by simply tapping a compatible NFC device to the PCs.

In addition, the VAIO | red edition features ArtRage® Studio (VAIO Duo includes ArtRage Studio Pro), the premiere digital arts software. And for those that want to try their hand at video creation, all models within the VAIO | red edition include VAIO Movie Creator.
All models are touch-enabled and unlock the full potential of Windows 8.

The best in Awarding Winning Service and Support
The VAIO | red edition comes with PC Essentials to get you started with your new VAIO. Our Sony store Premium Service Experts will move your data from your current PC to your new VAIO and perform other new PC services. Not only does the VAIO | red edition come with 1 year standard warranty but we are even including 1 year of protection against accidental damage from handling. On top of all this, you can simply press the ASSIST button to launch VAIO Care software, which allows you to effortlessly install new software and drivers, quickly identify and troubleshoot issues, create restore and recovery media, and connect with a Sony expert via phone, chat or online.

Pricing and Availability
The VAIO | red edition is available exclusively through Sony store and online at beginning today, August 8th. The VAIO Duo 13 model is available for $2,999.99. The VAIO Pro 13 model is available for $2,599.99. The VAIO Fit 15 model is available for $1,999.99. For images and information, please visit

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