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T-Mobile gains 1.1 million customers in Q2 2013, ups revenue 20 percent to $6.3 billion

It looks like T-Mobile was onto something with its UnCarrier remake, as the US wireless outfit picked up 1.1 million customers in Q2 2013 and saw a major boost in revenue. It also managed to keep postpaid churn (turnover of customers on contract) to its lowest level ever at 1.58 percent. The carrier said the numbers were helped by its Jump upgrade program and Simple Choice family plans, launched just last month. Despite a recent price bump in the iPhone, T-Mob said the model accounted for 29 percent of its handset sales, but added that other models, like Samsung's Galaxy S 4, also moved well. In all, it sold 4.3 million total smartphones, making up 86 percent of total phone sales -- up from 71 percent over last quarter.

Meanwhile, its 4G LTE network has rolled out to 116 metro areas so far, a more rapid pace than it promised, and now covers 157 million people. That was helped along with the rapid transition of freshly acquired MetroPCS, which T-Mobile said would expand to 15 new markets. It'll get a further boost from its US Cellular spectrum acquisition, expected to be completed soon. The result of all that was a 20 percent boost in revenue to $6.3 billion over $4.4 billion last year, albeit with a year-over-year drop in net income from $207 million to a loss of $16 million. Still if T-Mobile keeps up its highly energetic marketing and new program additions, it should get back in the black soon.