ASUS roadmap reveals bold smartphone ambitions with 5-inch 'MeMOFone'

If an ASUS roadmap unveiled at a conference in Taiwan pans out, we'll soon see a mini-me version of the PadFone Infinity, an 8-inch MeMO Pad, and more. The slides came out during the "Hero Innovation Wow Experience" portion of an investors call, showing that ASUS intends to build on recent MeMO Pad and PadFone hybrid momentum. In particular, the so-called MeMOFone HD 5 reveals the name of a standalone smartphone ASUS intends to launch in the US for those who don't need a tag-along tablet -- which jibes with recent comments it made about such a handset. Other than a likely 5-inch MeMOFone size gleaned from ASUS's overly elaborate naming scheme, there's no indication of specs, release dates or prices for such devices, of course. At least ASUS fans will know what to look forward to, though -- check after the break for the tablet strategy slide.

ASUS roadmap reveals bold smartphone ambitions with 5inch 'MeMOFone'