Daily iPad App: Amateur Surgeon 3 is pretty bloody good

Would you believe that after releasing two totally obnoxious, over-the-top Amateur Surgeon games, Adult Swim's newly released Amateur Surgeon 3 is a tasteful, realistic look at the medical practice? No? Ok, good -- because it's really, really not -- but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Amateur Surgeon 3 lets you poke around inside the bodies of a whole cast of characters and creatures, each with their own medical ailment. Using the touchscreen, you'll need to cut out organs, yank broken bits of glass and other objects from within bodies and of course sew up wounds and clean up your work at the end.

But this is an Adult Swim game, so there's absolutely nothing realistic about this experience whatsoever. You often cut up your patients with a pizza cutter, cauterize wounds by burning them with a Bic lighter and can use special "tag team" powers -- like bringing your dog into the operation so he can lick the patient's wound -- to help you complete your overall goal of saving the life of your patient (or was it victim?).

Everything from your "medical" tools to the organs on which you are operating are rendered in an overly cartoony fashion, which is a good thing since the visuals would look pretty gruesome if they attempted to appear realistic. Still, the app carries warnings for profanity, nudity, violence and horror, so it's probably not a good recommendation for especially young app lovers.

Unlike Amateur Surgeon 2, this third iteration is free to download (though that may change later). Of course, you'll still have plenty of opportunities to shell out cash towards the developers via the in-app purchase options which allow you to buy everything from in-game currency to "blood packs" which are required in order to retry failed missions.

If you're not too squeamish and don't mind dropping a few bucks in the event that you fail a few times in a row, Amateur Surgeon 3 is a fine choice. Or, you know, you could just find a giant bear and attempt to operate on it using random kitchen utensils. Same thing.