OK Glass, pew pew pew: developer creates alien shooter for Google Glass

Developers (or should we say "Explorers") are coming up with all sorts of nifty ideas for Google Glass, and games are certainly getting their fair share of attention. Admittedly, we haven't seen anything quite like Psyclops, an alien shooter that's currently in the works by developer Sean McCracken. The premise of the game isn't new -- alien ships are attacking our home planet and it's our sworn duty to protect Earth by blowing them up -- but the method is: use Glass as your viewfinder, line the baddies up with the center of the display and hold for a moment to lock your position and fire. Sean thinks of the game as a "3D Space Invaders mixed with Missile Command," which sounds like a perfect mashup. There's no word on when fellow Glass users will be able to enjoy the title, but you'll find video evidence of its existence below. Just don't expect Lt. Commander Data to save you with his flashlight when you get hooked.