TiVo Mini DVR extenders suddenly add Netflix streaming, Amazon coming soon?

While we enjoyed our time with the TiVo Mini multiroom DVR extender when we reviewed it, we noted several drawbacks including missing apps for Netflix and Amazon Instant Video (Hulu Plus has been present since launch). Both have been supported on standalone TiVos for a long time, but according to user reports Mini owners may finally have access to them. Zatz Not Funny posted the picture above and points out a TiVo Community post where users report icons for both are suddenly appearing on their Minis, although currently only Netflix is working. Forum poster and Engadget reader sbiller reports 1080p streams currently cause the Mini to reboot, so even that app may not be quite ready for prime time. Whatever the case, it should be active so if that's been stopping you from adding a Mini to your setup it may be time to reconsider, or re-reconsider.