Google updates Glass with video player, improved voice commands, additional Now cards

It's a big day for Glass. Google's pre-production wearable just scored a variety of additional features, including a video player, improved voice control, voice-activated Path and Evernote updates, #hashtags, boosted SMS support and additional Google Now cards. Let's break them down.

With the new video player, you can tap a video to play it, tap again to pause, and swipe backward or forward to rewind or skip. Path and Evernote users can update those apps by saying "okay glass, post an update" for Path or "okay glass, take a note" for Evernote. Speaking of which, voice controls are improved across the board, so you can now chat with Glass a bit more naturally. Instead of saying "okay glass" and waiting for a cue, you can speak in complete sentences, without pausing.

On the cards front, there's a new method for adjusting volume controls, even while you're on a phone or video call. There are also Google Now cards to remind you of upcoming hotel or restaurant reservations, identify movie showtimes, or catch an emergency alert. Today's release, XE8, is expected to roll out to users over the next few days. Catch the full release notes at the source link below.