Xbox One gamepad to become PC compatible in 2014

Gaming with an Xbox 360 controller on a PC isn't exactly a wallet-friendly situation, considering a wired version of the gamepad or an additional dongle are required. Things sound like they'll be simpler with the Xbox One, however, as a Microsoft representative told the Penny Arcade Report that the pad will operate with desktops once fresh software hits in 2014. Since the new gamepad "shares no underlying technology with the current Xbox 360 controller," the code will enable it to function with PCs and support games that are playable with the existing pad. It's likely that Redmond will lean on the gear's micro-USB port and wired mode for desktop-compatibility, but it's not clear whether a wireless adapter will be an option. If this gives you even more reason to pine for the next-gen hardware, set aside seven minutes to ogle at Ballmer and Co.'s controller.