Daily iPhone App: 4 Snaps is a free puzzler with a social twist

Daily iPhone App 4 Snaps

The first time you play the social puzzle game 4 Snaps you might think it feels a little bit familiar. It's not that there's been a game like 4 Snaps before -- in that respect it's quite original -- but it takes cues from some of the most popular titles on the App Store and melds them into an addictive experience that could be the next everyone-plays-it title.

4 Snaps takes the social turn-based gameplay of apps like Words With Friends and Draw My Thing and crosses it with the insanely popular puzzle game 4 Pics 1 Word. After picking a partner, either by user ID or from a list of Facebook contacts, you and your friend take turns snapping sets of four photos to help the other player guess a specific word.

The rules are rather lax and you'll find yourself taking photos of objects, drawings or even your own hand gestures in order to get your point across. However, much like in Draw My Thing, there's an unspoken honor system that, in theory, keeps players from just writing down the word itself on a piece of paper and snapping a pic of it. My one complaint here is that the in-game camera lacks the option to switch to the front-facing lens, though I've been told by the app's creator that this is indeed coming in a future update.

You are given the option before each round to choose a word based on three different difficulty levels, with the harder words offering a higher number of coins as a reward. Coins can then be used to swap out your word choices for new options or to reveal hints when solving a puzzle. You can also choose to buy packs of coins upfront using in-app purchasing, but it's not crucial to the experience.

4 Snaps is a relatively new app, having been on the App Store for just a few weeks now, but it's already a great multiplayer offering that is 100 percent free to play. Just nudge some Facebook friends, take some pics and have a few laughs.