DirecTV's revamping its mobile apps with a focus on discovery, iPad is up first

DirecTV's added features to its mobile apps piece by piece over the last few years, and now it's reworking them entirely. The first one to get a makeover is its iPad app, which is getting an update today with a new menu section to make browsing easier, plus TV Show and Networks filters to go along with the existing Guide and Movies options. It also has a revamped Watch experience that helps you filter out whether the content will play on the TV or tablet and even the information pages have a new look. Of course, other features that have been around like Facebook, Twitter and GetGlue integration, channel guide, search and DVR scheduling are still in effect as well. The update provides a more "cohesive experience across platforms", which viewers can check out pictures of in the gallery below or judge for themselves once it hits the App Store.%Gallery-195892%